Saving Costs, the Eco-Friendly Way

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza |

Sierra Cost Management helps its customers and the environment by examining clients’ waste use. “I examine my clients’ waste and recycling systems,” said owner Joanna Walters. “If I can find ways to save them money, we split the savings. If not, they don’t owe ma at all and they know they are handling their waste in the most responsible manner.”

Walters said she offers a risk-free way for businesses to cut their operating costs, while also cutting their environmental impact. “It’s a win-win solution for all parties,” she said.

Walters said Sierra Cost Management also implements all the recommendations for her clients. She said she is “there to make sure they succeed.”

She started the company when she moved to Tahoe in 2003. A New England native, she’s lived in California since graduating from Brown University in 1988. Walters has also traveled to Southeast Asia and worked in Tanzania.

“After the Internet bubble burst, I was ready to take control of my working life again and build lasting change,” she said. “I started Sierra Cost Management in 2003 with the goal of creating sustainable changes that benefit my clients, the environment and the community.”

She offers free consultations. I am looking forward to finding a solution for diverting organic wastes from the landfill while simultaneously increasing my clients’ savings even more,” she said. “It’s the largest remaining part of the waste stream for many businesses and the changes happening right now are very promising.”

Contact Walters at Sierra Cost Management at (866) 299-4371 or visit