Check out how to manage different materials – reduce, recycle or reuse it! There’s links to industry associations with recovery statistics and product developments, too.

Batteries & Mercury

In 2006, California banned disposal of ALL “universal” waste in the trash. The links below can help you figure out where to take all these materials now!

  • Big Green Box – prepaid boxes for all types of batteries
  • – FREE recycling for rechargeable batteries and cell phones, local drop-off centers, educational resources
  • Fluorescent tubes – Locally, ERL & Mountain Hardware will accept up to 10 tubes for free recycling anytime
  • CFL’s – Home Depot and Lowe’s take back compact fluorescent lights for free recycling
  • Computer Corps – not-for-profit organization that reuses or recycles computers then donates them back to other not-for-profit groups, based in Carson City, NV
  • Goodwill and Dell – Simply take your old computer equipment or accessories (any brand, any condition) to one of Goodwill’s 2,000+ participating locations to have it refurbished or recycled
  • – State of CA site listing certified e-waste recyclers, info on the Electronic Waste Recycling fee
  • Computer Recycle Center – Bay Area recycling company, accepts mailed equipment
  • Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition – grassroots group established in 1982 to clean up high-tech production practices, CA recycling and reuse directory
  • – mail back program printer cartridges and cells phones for reuse, and get money back
  • – recycle your mobile phone, pager, PDA and non-profits get a donation
Paint, Hazardous & Special Wastes
  • Paintcare – Find out the nearest location to recycle your old paint for free
  • Fluorescents – Don’t break them! Recycle CFL’s for free at Home Depot. For tubes, check with your local government
  • Used Oil – the Town of Truckee has free kits for boats & autos
  • Mattresses – California, Connecticut and Rhode Island all have mattress recycling laws. Free collection sites are being added all the time.